How to Build a Go-to-Market Strategy in 8 Steps

Most new products fail—we’ve all heard that. But the better you prepare your product and. Yourself for the product launch, the better your. Chances of escaping that disheartening statistic. The go-to-market strategy is the method to give yourself. The green light to introduce a new product. And make any How to Build significant changes while there’s still time. Conversely to […]

How to Use Google Analytics 4 for Beginners

Building a successful website without data is hard. Really hard. Like doing a tightrope walk blindfolded, it is possible—but it’s way easier with the lights on. Enter Google Analytics. Google Analytics turns on your website’s metaphorical lights to reveal who’s visiting it, how they’re finding it, and what they’re doing there. How to Use You can then use this data […]

Benefits of Implementing Robotic Process Automation

Another way that banks and other financial institutions reduce costs is by automation of customer service. By automating customer service, banks can reduce the number of customer service reps they need to hire and train. This reduces training costs, as well as the time spent dealing with customers. Automated processes also help to improve customer satisfaction rates, which leads to […]

Comma builds a space for intellectual exchange to offer a different work experience

Comma builds a comprehensive strategic communications consultancy. Therefore, has just inaugurated a new space for intellectual exchange that will allow it to offer a different experience to its interest groups. Under the name ” Atmósfera comma “, the new space, located on Alburquerque Street – in the Chamberí neighborhood of Madrid – was born with the aim of becoming a […]