What is a Value Proposition ? How to make a Professional Value Proposition of your Personal Brand? 5 Examples + Canvas + 6 Phases to see the design of the value proposition step by step . Is Virtual Office In this post I talk to you about what a value proposition is and how to create it with some steps and phases that you should work on to create a different proposal from your competition. This is one of the topics that generate the most doubts among students in my Personal Branding classes or in my meetings with clients. It is easy to know the theory but when it comes to putting it into practice it is much more difficult.

And that is why

I have decided to write this post so that you can see how to do it and examples of proposals in each phase of the process that executive data will help you create or improve your proposal. Additionally, to complement the post, I encourage you to watch our latest video where we show how to create a value proposition with practical and real examples . If you have seen the entire video you will already have an idea of ​​what this differential proposal is and its importance for a successful Personal Brand .

In addition, the examples we give I think each point is understood very well and that can help you design your proposal. Now I am going to develop each point of this very important strategy, providing some more points and others that we have talked about in the video in case you have not been able to see the entire video.

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Question is very simple, if you have nothing to offer (your differential proposal) forget about creating a brand. Because if you have a visible brand and others are. Looking to know more about you (what you can do for them). And they don’t find anything, they will move on from your brand. In other words, a unique proposal is what allows you to focus. On people who may really be interested in your products or services and thus. Avoid making the mistake of wanting Latest Bulk SMS to sell to everyone. It will help you create something concrete and not wander around your sector without knowing what you really want.

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