How Roland Managed to Sell Out a Product Using Interactive Content

Rock Content’s plan is ambitious: to build a category-defining organization, due to the fragmented content market we’re currently living in.  We are pioneers in content marketing. Our journey started with the challenge of educating brands about the value of content for their growth. Now, as many brands have a diverse content strategy, we’re focused on guiding our customers to become […]

SEO vs Social Media: Which one Should you Devote more Attention to

A successful branding strategy never loses sight of this and strives to connect with people in terms that resonate with them. Establishing a clear brand identity and developing an initial brand recognition strategy is the first step. Learning everything you can about branding is the second. Our comprehensive brand guidelines bundle can help you get exactly where you need to […]

Why is Implementing Content Marketing in Financial Services a Winning Strategy

During this stage, your potential customer learns to select your products over the alternatives. They may do this because of price point, quality, or a previous positive interaction with your brand. During this stage, your customer doesn’t just choose you. They’re starting to respect your brand and see it as having a genuine value that exceeds their other options. During […]

How to Get Leads Through Social Media

However, it’s about more than simply recognizing the name of a brand or one of the products it offers. When a brand has achieved a high level How to Get of recognition, people also instinctively recognize colors, logos, slogans, and even tones associated with it. Take Coca-Cola, to name just one example. It’s not just the brand name you’re familiar […]

What is Brand Recognition

Since we’re talking about engagement and trust, Mid-tier influencers usually have a closer relationship with their audience, which creates a natural trust feeling about a product or service promoted and also shows that a real person, closer to their reality, is representing that brand. Create an organic promotion flow If you’re planning to use a creator to promote What is […]