Roland had access to Rock’s support when dealing with Ion on a daily basis. The tool is quite simple to use, but going beyond the basics is quite rewarding.

Those who use Ion have a Rock support team available to answer questions and point out ways to perform specific tasks. Furthermore, there is a vast knowledge base available in the platform’s help section.

Roland’s team had the goal of getting closer to its audience and, mainly, fostering conversations with these people. After all, people in the music business are used to exchanging experiences about equipment when they visit a specialized store.

Interactive content has proven to be a very effective way to encourage audience engagement. That way, these people no longer felt passive when faced with content that did not accept interaction. By being able to choose how the experience develops, they integrate the conversation with the brand.

Social Media Also Allows You to Reach People

Fast adaptation and focus on scalability

Another important point about Ion is how easily the tool adapted to Roland’s team needs. In this way, they were able to reserve a good part of their time for the most important thing, which is strategic content planning.

Everyone was very excited to dive headlong into business phone list Ion’s possibilities. This meant a much greater use of the platform for the particularities of the company.

As you saw above, Roland was able to take advantage of the benefits brought by interactive content for its marketing and sales strategy. This shows how such a solution can adapt to your specific needs and deliver actionable results.


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We are thrilled to announce today that we raised a $30 million Series B funding round. The funding round was led by existing investors, Unbox Capital with the participation of Provence Capital, and joined by new players: the BTG High Growth Opportunities Fund, and Capital.

After two acquisitions in the past two years, Rock Latest Bulk SMS Content continues to reinforce its position as a global leader in the content space. 

With our latest round of fundraising, we will continue enhancing our efforts in marketing, sales, and product innovation and evolving our content marketing solutions to empower brands to scale through content. We will never forget our main purpose: to make marketing better while having a positive impact in the world.

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