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Inbound Marketing for Financial Services: A Path to Attract Long-lasting Customers

This study is one of many that shows the main challenge when using an influencer to reach our target audience: it’s not about the size of a creator’s fanbase, but how  that professional is with its audience and how a brand can talk to that audience through that influencer.

It can be  not only for  but also for social networks in general, especially video content platforms like YouTube Gaming, Twitch and Facebook Gaming (check out this article from Stream Hatchet).

Your brand doesn’t necessarily  a superstar to reach great results working with creators

One of the main changes in how Influencer Marketing is done is evolving from a unilateral way of speaking (from TV, Movies and Radio) to a dialogue format where both influencers and audiences are now senders and receivers of the message.

It’s important to consider why smaller influencers might work better for your brand.

Here’s my analysis: Mid-tier Influencers usually give more voice to the audience which creates a feeling of importance and trust.

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Summarizing the quote in a practical way: it’s not about speaking to millions anymore, but actually creating a dialogue with your audience, and that may telemarketing lists result in a greater conversion rate when selling your product or brand.

Reach a better target audience

When we talk about the cost of using a Mega Influencer (50+ Million followers), we also  to think about the audience we’re reaching.

And for that, here’s a tip: depending on the creator and the engagement of that audience, remember that a great part of that might not be  in your product or service.

One Way to Get  is to Help Foster

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If you don’t believe in me, just take a look on the survey results: the most popular  creators analyzed by  (all with more than 50M followers) did not perform as highly in key metrics as those in the 1M-10M and 10M-50M follower range.

With that in mind, we could say that having the most followers does not guarantee a high emotional response to content.

With the same budget, it could be a better choice to Latest Bulk SMS use smaller creators and talk to different audiences that match your persona’s goals.

Trust is the key to success

Trust is the most valuable good that users have to offer. An user usually doesn’t appreciate a brand only for quality or just status, they have to identify themselves with the brand’s purpose. That’s why you should choose a creator that is also aligned with that.

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