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Become an Influencer and Supercharge Your Brand Building Campaign

As a result, you’d probably choose them over a similar company you’ve never heard of if you’re ever in the market for a product or service they sell.

Your customers are no different. The more familiar they are with a brand, the more likely they are to trust it and feel comfortable choosing it over its competition when the time comes.

It enhances your customer’s enjoyment of the product

When it comes to cola, it goes without saying that both Coke and Pepsi are highly successful brands.

However, while Coca-Cola is the bigger seller and higher performer, it’s actually Pepsi that prevails in blind taste tests.

So why do so many people choose Coke over Pepsi when Pepsi’s been proven to taste better?

It’s the halo effect  by Coca-Cola’s branding strategy, hands down.

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The Coca-Cola brand is so recognizable and considered so synonymous with concepts like quality and enjoyment that people will choose it even when a better option is available.

It increases the perceived value of your products

Of course, getting people to a place where they how to buy phone numbers in bulk recognize and potentially trust your brand is one thing.

Convincing them that your products are more than worth what you charge for them is another.

The higher the level of brand recognition, the less apprehensive a consumer will be about shelling out the money for what you offer.

Apple is a terrific example of a brand with this concept down to a science. Their products are often significantly more expensive than similar options on the market.

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Nevertheless, their customers not only buy them but are also willing to camp overnight outside their local Apple Store to make sure they’re among the first.

What are the Five Stages of Brand Recognition?

Naturally, your customers don’t go from never having heard Latest Bulk SMS of your brand to thinking of it as a household name they trust.

Brand recognition is a process that has multiple stages. They are as follows.

This is the stage during which you’re getting your name out there, as well as helping consumers associate it with your chosen visuals and slogans.

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