El Clásico scores is one of the most anticipated matches for football fans, whether they are fans of Real Madrid or Fútbol Club Barcelona or not. It is a historic meeting and this has been demonstrated by the Share data, which shows its best data since March 1, 2020, according to GECA . In addition, LaLiga launched more than a hundred events to celebrate it. The match at the Santiago Bernabéu was a closely contested duel between both teams. Finally, the winner was Real Madrid.

The data from El Clásico for October 2022 from LaLiga by GECA

According to GECA data, the most top industry data watched minute was at 12:59 , with 2,170,000 viewers, a 19.8% share. Furthermore, the period during which it was broadcast is from 16:16 to 18:07. Its best target was 13 to 24 years old, 36.8% of the total audience. This great game had an average audience of 2,025,000 viewers . This makes the Clásico the eighth in the Top 20 created by GECA since 2012.

Top 5 best facts about El Clásico

First of all, if we take into account the Latest Bulk SMS average audience, there is the 2017 Clásico broadcast by Movistar Partidazo with 2,981,000 viewers. It is followed by the match broadcast by Bein Liga in 2018, which garnered 2,692,000 viewers. In third place is LaLiga on M+ with the matches broadcast in 2020 and 2019 with 2610,000 and 2432,000 viewers respectively. In fourth place is Movistar Partidazo in 2018 with 2357,000 viewers. Finally, it closes the top 5 Bein Liga in 2017, with 2265,000 people.

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