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Comma builds a space for intellectual exchange to offer a different work experience

Comma builds a comprehensive strategic communications consultancy. Therefore, has just inaugurated a new space for intellectual exchange that will allow it to offer a different experience to its interest groups. Under the name ” Atmósfera comma “, the new space, located on Alburquerque Street – in the Chamberí neighborhood of Madrid – was born with the aim of becoming a debate center where ideas can be shared, co-created. Therefore, stimulate the creativity of each member of the team or welcome clients, collaborators and friends in a spacious, bright and close space.

The origin of Comma atmosphere

The origin of this project – now a category email list reality – was born after the experience. That was created with work spaces as a result of the pandemic . In a liquid world, constantly changing, flexible, hybrid. Therefore, demanding much more kindness, comma set out to build a model capable of embracing the needs. Demands and priorities of the people with whom it interacts. To do this, it designed a new office concept. Therefore, which is characterized by having several flexible and dynamic spaces.

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A reference place at street level

“We want to develop our social function Latest Bulk SMS in a place that shares our values ​​and beliefs and that allows us to reconcile our personal. Therefore, work desires/obligations. We want Atmósfera comma to be a meeting place. Common uses and customs; of thought, reflection and discovery” says Silvia Albert. Founder and CEO of comma . Therefore, a place of reference , connection, rewarding experiences, well-being. Security and a sense of community and shared purpose. This is how they define this space.

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