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What are the pillars on which it should be supported?

As I say, I think this is already too present and hits too hard in the world of Marketing to ignore it. Opinions for or against, white or black hats ( or red velvet, depending on how you look at it ), automation in Email Marketing is something you should work on and study . However, we have to be clear that, as in any fashion that has followers everywhere ( what a refined word, posh, it is barely said here ), being something is not the same as saying that you are something. TRUE? So in my vision I spent a while thinking about it and I found a clear relationship between a robot and this system, I found the 3 key dimensions of Email Marketing Automation :

Data Entry or Sensory Ability

We’ll start with the main course, which for me is the most important thing, which is why most people barely pass by: the nuts and olives before ordering. How rich! Well, that and data entry. Every robot, every intelligent system, including us, must have the ability to receive information top industry data from our environment, from our outside . You can cover your ears and eyes and give a speech assuming that thousands of people are listening to it, but you can’t have a conversation without ears and/or eyes (well, you know, I’m making a simile, don’t get mad at me, eh?) . You need feedback , you need a data entry point, something that tells you information from the outside.

top industry data

Be able to use it as part of our automation rules

Because I will only be able to filter the content I send you if I know which one interests you, right? Only if I know when Latest Bulk SMS your birthday is will I be able to congratulate you. No? Being able to use it to understand our community . Another aspect that many overlook and that is very important to me. By collecting data you can look for patterns of behavior, you can outline use cases, events, preferences, etc. Only then will you be able to see when they prefer shipments, in what formats, and know if 3 days means that a subscriber no longer wants you or if it is the normal case. Do you follow me?

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