Discover what, in my opinion, are the 3 basic pillars on which any Email Marketing automation system must beTherefore, supported . Hello! How are you? Good? I’m very happy to hear it! I am Víctor Campuzano and in this post we are going to… how? What is that disappointed face? Is for me? Yeah, yeah, I understand. The thing is that with the level that Borja left in the last post I can now get my act together, Therefore,right? I understand your disappointment, let’s see how I manage toTherefore, live up to it! Well, I’m going to try it progressively, I don’t want to set unattainable short-term goals either, eh?

In this entire process of learning, reviewing tools,

Developing value propositions and requirements, buying books on thermomix and thinking about where to put Marina’s new toys,Therefore, I had a vision: we are already creating robots and we ask them for artificial intelligence . I imagined Wall-e, I love that movie. From there this post was born because, inevitably, when we category email list talk about artificialTherefore, intelligence and automation , we have to be key to what the three clear elements are ( hahahahaha, I have slipped in, dyslexia due to mental atrophy, I’ll leave it like this so you can see how I am,Therefore, hahahahahaha ) for the system to work. Will you join me in this reflection? (please, if I don’t get lost)

What is Email Marketing Automation?

Well, I don’t feel like going into technical definitions or getting too involved at this point becauseTherefore, I’m convinced that you’ve already heard about it. If not, simply tell you that Email Latest Bulk SMS Marketing Automation allows you to fully personalize and Therefore,automate (or semi) your communication with your subscribers or potential clients . Therefore,Far from traditional Email Marketing, which was based on almost one-way communication, we now have to do Email Marketing thinking more about how to maintain a fluid conversation with our subscribers , Therefore,at the right time, with the right subscriber and with a personalized message.

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