After a not very pleasant phone call, a beep (I have to stop now!), a pee and a brief petting of the cat who, by the way, has been super fussy for a few days, I sit down again to continue writing. Vic, come on, get your smile back, it’s a question of attitude, posh. And noooo! Don’t look out the window again! Why can’t we avoid looking where we don’t want to look? Cagoen. Import contacts from mailchimp to acumbamail In Acumbamail , importing your Mailchimp contacts is really simple because it does not even require exporting them to a file and uploading them, a task that, by the way, on many occasions, becomes a great odyssey. TRUE?

Real-time sync with Zapier

More than the previous point, as I told you at the beginning, I was worried about the fact industry email list of having plugins and links out there (in guest posts, in twitter cards, in secret experiments in conjunction with the BIA and Interclown) that pointed to the form of subscription to my MailChimp . Crawling the internet for those links would be a complicated task and changing those links even more so. So I came to the conclusion that I was going to continue receiving subscribers on Mailchimp but I refused to constantly monitor and do manual work. No sir, I’m sorry.

Last conclusions

I stretch and smile. The only thing missing is the conclusions, review, layout and publish. Well and the image. My expression twists. How much work to make a post! But, look, the time I have dedicated has been like an Latest Bulk SMS anesthesia for that feeling that had monopolized me. I look out the window again and remind myself that, despite everything, I live doing what I like and that is fantastic. I smile, I get that hooligan face, I open the window and…” Well now we are at the end! What did you think of the trick? I hope you liked it because for me it is one of the key lessons of the free course to which, by the way, I remind you, you can sign up by clicking here .

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