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Adopting her approach will make you more persuasive on any topic you’re passionate about especially if you’re trying to persuade others to take action.Stories move your listeners to actionYou’ll find plenty of clues in Gates’ book. For example million people still live in extreme poverty. Gates argues that lifting them out of poverty means empowering women first. But million is […]

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There are not a few cases when Albanians everywhere in the world integrate the Albanian culture tradition in the activities they open. To promote her hometown she has open a cafe-restaurant call Labëri” where she serves specialties of Albanian cuisine. Read: To preserve the Albanian tradition a cafe-restaurant nam “Labëriopens in Swen TIDINGS Updat on: Ornel Trupje ~ minutes of […]

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Mintz add I hope that at some point Israel will recognize you as an independent nation. You have a right in your country and it is the right thing to do. We are both members of the global coalition in the fight against terrorism.Kosovo is ripe for Israeli investmentsLast year Kosovo President Hashim Thaçi vow to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s […]

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Read ExpoCity International Tourism FairThe Mayor of  people to visit the stands of the fair emphasizing that there are about jobs offer by the companies in order to start a new career journey.In addition to the companies in the fair Universities Colleges and Vocational Training Schools participate which present their study and training platforms. As of this year universities are […]

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Sylwia Loręcka also adds that in the case of taxpayers who from July , chang the form of taxation from a lump sum to a tax scale by submitting a declaration of resignation from taxation of revenues earn in the period from July , to December , with a lump sum from register income the submitt declaration also applies to […]

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Grazyna Interest on tax arrears increases due to inflation interest rate  ACCOUNTING TAX ADVISOR FINANCE Due to high inflation, the Monetary Policy Council has been regularly raising interest rates for several months. The changes also apply to the socall lombard rate. Its amount affects the level of interest on tax arrears. Higher interest is also payable on tax refunds overpayments. […]

Special There Are Number Of Changes

The season for submitting annual PITs for ends on May , Krzysztof Koślicki February , PIT settlement for is now possible it is a big challenge not only for taxpayers On Wnesday, February , the season for submitting annual PIT for start. This settlement will be special. There are a number of changes that ne to be taken into account, […]

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Faster document processing means lower costs. Taxpayers will have. Uptodate realtime information from invoices for management purposes from analytics to other areas of their business. The use of einvoices means no ne to rewrite data from a paper. Document to the system or use OCR ruce human errors assesses the Ministry of Finance. Taxpayers will receive a faster VAT. Refund, […]

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The court point out that the purpose of the activity of the club’s players consisting in the provision of sports advertising promotional services was to make this occupation a permanent source of income, which precludes recognizing the income from this activity as income sports. Contrary to the authority’s claim, the court indicat that revenues from mate contracts are exempt from […]

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Mia events that shape the positive image of the club, sponsors advertisers, during sports activities he is to use only clothes, footwear, sports equipment made available or approv by the club, as well as lead a sports lifestyle manifest by avoiding behavior contrary to the generally accept image of an athlete, which may harm the good name of the club. […]

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See also Settlement documents for necessary to calculate the health premium deadlines for submitting any corrections CREATE A FREE ACCOUNT an article for the users of Moje PrawRemaining content Thank you for being here! If you want to read the full article, create a FREE ACCOUNT or log in REGISTER Already have an account on Moje pl? Log in! Author […]

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Author Malwina PasternakJanik Share the article Print add to Favorites COMMENT Read also The tenant has to repair the damage when they move out of the apartment CIVIL LAW REAL ESTATE The tenant is responsible for soiling the walls resulting from leaning his feet against them, while sitting at the desk. Scratches on the parquet or the ne to repair […]