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Adopting her approach will make you more persuasive on any topic you’re passionate about especially if you’re trying to persuade others to take action.Stories move your listeners to actionYou’ll find plenty of clues in Gates’ book. For example million people still live in extreme poverty. Gates argues that lifting them out of poverty means empowering women first. But million is just too big a number for us to wrap our minds around. We think when we hear big numbers we put history aside.After Bill Gates Melinda’s husband and a fellow at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation read the finish book he wrote on his blog: “What’s really impressive about the book is the way Melinda combines her mastery of data with her ability to bring powerful stories about the special women she met.

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Of women with extreme suffering gave Melinda a deep insight into the conditions that lead to inequality as well as the conditions necessary to help empower women. “That’s the power of storiesMelinda Gates wrote in an Instagram post in “They open a new Belgium Mobile Number List place in our hearts which opens our minds which often leads us to action.”In The Moment of Lift the first statistics don’t appear until page even after you’ve heard stories of Malawian women walking kilometers in the heat to vaccinate their children. It was “a difficult day for women whose lives were already difficultGates writes.

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Or writing a document that’s meant to inspire people to action don’t start with statistics. Data follows a story. The data supports an argument. History comes first.Tell the story to release the “moral molecule”Neuroscientists like Dr. Paul Zak Latest Bulk SMS have discover that stories change your brain – in a good way. Stories bind us together. Zak’s research focuses on oxytocin the neurochemical responsible for empathy. Zak calls oxytocin the “moral moleculebecause a significant increase in it in the blood makes people more generous charitable and compassionatn lab experiments Zak found that the best way to increase oxytocin in another person is to tell them a story in action.

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