Rsion API is a tool design to send much more data. Information about recipients directly from the server to the places  services that use the data Therefore. Unlike Pixel, it works independently of the customers’ device The pixel is bas on third – party cookies , as oppos to the API, which collects data without using them Therefore, all operations perform with the. Help of the pixel take place on the device, not on the server Although both of these solutions can provide many benefits, they are not without drawbacks.

Thanks to which they complement each

Other appropriately They provide access to data where cookies do not reach So if both are available at the moment, it’s worth using them together before the conversion API replaces Pixel Both solutions share the same purpose, which is which Belize Mobile Number List is especially important given the increasing use of privacy protection software This is because these activities are  conversion tracking The ne to replace them is relat to the IOS update announc by Apple, intend for advertisers, which will prevent the use of technologies such as cookies, cutting off the possibility of using this data  forcing the use of other solutions The conversion.

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Provides us with the most important

Information about users, which allows us to increase the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns  implement more effective solutions This is definitely better targeting of ads,  invaluable help when creating marketing strategies that Latest Bulk SMS require the use of specific data about recipients Therefore, it has a huge impact on the results of your campaigns, creating an efficient information system together with Pixel In this case, obtaining data from the server is definitely more beneficial for the advertiser, because the information obtain in this way is fully reliable No tracking awareness. Downloading data about recipients takes place without their awareness of do not know that their actions are being watch They also cannot influence or block them.

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