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There are not a few cases when Albanians everywhere in the world integrate the Albanian culture tradition in the activities they open. To promote her hometown she has open a cafe-restaurant call Labëri” where she serves specialties of Albanian cuisine. Read: To preserve the Albanian tradition a cafe-restaurant nam “Labëriopens in Swen TIDINGS Updat on: Ornel Trupje ~ minutes of reading The General Directorate of Taxes reminds once again that every individual resident in the Republic of Albania who receives income from a source in the Republic of Albania abroad in the amount of more than.

Blig to declare the taxable income as

Follows Gross income from salary or bonuses from employment relationships Gross dividend income Gross rental income Capital gain from the sale of real estate own by the declarant Gross income from bank interest Capital gain generat from The Belarus Mobile Number List acquisition of ownership of things property investments in securities or real estate Gross sums won from lotteries or other games of chance Gross income from intellectual property licenses exclusive rights other assets consisting only of rights not having a physical form Capital gain from donation Gross income realiz outside the territory of the Republic of Albania. Other gross income not mention above.

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Individual Annual Income Statement

Every individual who is oblig to submit the must take due care for the correct completion of the statement data especially for the calculation of tax on income from employment in cases where the individual benefits from two or more wages Latest Bulk SMS in a month from different employers. Incorrect completion of the Individual Annual Income Declaration may cause penalties to be impos on the declaring individual.The declaring individual will calculate the tax on personal income from wages bonuses for all income from wages receiv during the month even if he receives these wages from different employers.

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