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Mintz add I hope that at some point Israel will recognize you as an independent nation. You have a right in your country and it is the right thing to do. We are both members of the global coalition in the fight against terrorism.Kosovo is ripe for Israeli investmentsLast year Kosovo President Hashim Thaçi vow to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and open an embassy there if the Israelis would extend diplomatic recognition to Kosovo.Even without diplomatic ties the two countries are talking about setting up trade offices in each other’s capitals.

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Agriculture as the two most promising sectors for Israeli-Kosovo business cooperation although the country also seeks Israeli investment in the energy security and IT sectors.Kreshnik Thaçi heads the investment promotion Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List sector at KIESA the Kosovo Agency for Investments and Enterprise Support. According to Thaçi one of the biggest investments yet is an Israeli-German joint venture that is putting million euros into a wind energy project. The venture includes a -megawatt power plant in northern Kosovo that will sell electricity to the government over a -year period.

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Said the project which is expect to be online in comprises wind turbines and has a life expectancy of years.”They deal with energy production all over the world but they decid to invest in Kosovo” said Thaçi. “The company has already secur all the licenses and permits from the government but since the negotiation process is taking some time they Latest Bulk SMS have been asking for more subsidies.In a press release Enlight CEO Gilad Yavetz said that “the new agreement leverages the company’s core capabilities.can change their differences; ongoing talks have not yet produc the desir results.”It’s a matter of couragePrime Minister Haradinaj said to his visitors. “We hope that it will happen soon that an agreement will be reach between Kosovo and Serbia. Meanwhile we’re both losing.

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