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Author Malwina PasternakJanik Share the article Print add to Favorites COMMENT Read also The tenant has to repair the damage when they move out of the apartment CIVIL LAW REAL ESTATE The tenant is responsible for soiling the walls resulting from leaning his feet against them, while sitting at the desk. Scratches on the parquet or the ne to repair damag plaster by placing pictures on the wall or hanging other materials on them with adhesive tapes should be assess in a similar way. The regulations clearly stipulate that the tenant is oblig to paint the walls repair damag plaster walls.

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Flat is also ne by tenants of municipal flats The “Warm Apartment” program is address only to owners coowners of apartments in multifamily houses. However, the program excludes local governments as owners of premises, tenants of municipal Switzerland Phone Numbers List premises people with the lowest income. According to local government officials from the Union of Polish Metropolises, this is a mistake, so they call for a change in the regulations. They also want to raise the income threshold that will enable them to apply for subsidies. Maria DecKiełb February , Soon even a shortterm rental with an energy certificate REAL ESTATE In a few months, when concluding a flat lease agreement, also a shortterm one, it will be necessary to present an energy certificate.

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Failure to do so will result in a fine of up to about the certificate will also have to be includ in the rental announcement. The tenant will not be able to waive this obligation. According to experts, this is a completely . Renata KrupaDąbrowska Latest Bulk SMS January , Vehicle rental is an investment with risk UOKiK raises objections CIVIL LAW MARKET CONSUMER The Total Finance company from Warsaw, which offer investments in vehicles profits from their rental, receiv allegations from the Office of Competition Consumer Protection regarding misleading consumers as to the lack of risk of such an investment, as well as as to the details of the vehicle indicat in the contract.

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