Settlements of the lease agreement unfair to the tenant The further provisions of the agreement indicate that after the end of the lease relationship, the lessee undertakes to immiately return the subject of the lease to the company, which from that moment will be entitl to retain the outlays made on the subject of the lease permanently attach to the Thus, after the end of the lease, the hotel building will remain with the applicant. Due to the lessee’s efforts to regulate the issue of additional remuneration for the fact that the outlays made by him remain on the company’s side at the end of the lease, despite incurring his own costs for erecting a hotel building, additional provisions were includ in the contract.

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Ruce the contractual rent during the term of the agreement for a specifi mutually agre period, count at least from the start of the investment until its completion After the period of the ruc rent has expir, the amount will no longer be ruc. See the template Sweden Phone Numbers List of the document Response to a call to ruce the rent of the lease Subsequently, the tenant will be requir to submit bills invoices showing the amount purpose of the actually incurr costs, additionally, according to the provisions, he will not be able to make claims for the outlays, considering them settl along with the ruction of the lease rent, because the market value of the outlays remaining withafter the end of the lease.

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Or lower than the equivalent of the amount by which the rent was ruc during the term of the contract. See also Profits from private rental from January matory lump sum The amount of the ruc rent equal to the market value of the tenant’s outlays The Latest Bulk SMS applicant’s doubts relat to the tax consequences of the termination of the lease agreement, as the company want to determine whether, in the event of termination of the lease relationship resulting in leaving the hotel building with it, it will receive income from the gratuitous benefit, when the market value of the hotel building after the lease period will be equivalent to the amount of the ruc rent in during the term of the contract or will be less than it.

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