Companies that in switch to the socall Estonian CIT, found themselves in a much than entities that chang their tax settlement method later. All because of the Polish Order the lack of appropriate transitional provisions. The result is that contrary to the principle of tax fairness they have to pay an additional tax. Those who do not want to pay the unjust tax are threaten with execution by the authorities. Krzysztof Koślicki Support for entrepreneurs from various programs does not deprive the right to Estonian CIT CIT TAX ADVISOR FINANCE Various forms of support for entrepreneurs do not exclude the possibility of taxing the company in the form of a lump sum on the company’s income.

Possible restrictions on the choice

Of Estonian CIT include exemptions relat to activities in special economic zones exemptions resulting from the decision on support. The tax office issu such a favorable interpretation. Wieslawa Moczydlowska More than twothirds of Spain Phone Numbers List companies do not intend to switch to Estonian CIT THE COMPANY’S CIT Over percent heads of companies know the concept of the socall Estonian CIT, but at the same time nearly percent. of respondents are not considering its introduction in the company they manage, according to a survey conduct among managers. Entrepreneurs are afraid of additional tax inspections in connection with the application of this regime.

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Pawel Rochowicz November

The Ombudsman wants to clarify the rules for adding VAT to the notary’s fee Christopher Sobczak VAT LAWYERS NEWS Date add Source iStock Notaries have been practicing adding value add tax to the notarial fee for years. However, since tax Latest Bulk SMS regulations may raise doubts, the applicable law does not allow for VAT to be add to the notary’s remuneration, the Ombudsman, Marcin Wiącek, asks MPs senators to take a legislative initiative to regulate this issue. Share the article add to Favorites The Ombudsman wrote to the Sejm Senate committees that he had been investigating the practice of notaries adding value add tax to the notarial fee for a long time. As he claims, it raises doubts was the subject of the Defender’s speeches to the President of the National Council of Notaries, the Minister of Finance the Minister of Justice.

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