See also Settlement documents for necessary to calculate the health premium deadlines for submitting any corrections CREATE A FREE ACCOUNT an article for the users of Moje PrawRemaining content Thank you for being here! If you want to read the full article, create a FREE ACCOUNT or log in REGISTER Already have an account on Moje pl? Log in! Author Krzysztof Koślicki Share the article Print add to Favorites COMMENT Read also PIT settlements for according to the new tax scale HOME PIT FINANCES The general principles of personal income taxation consist in the use of a tax scale. In Pol, currently from July , there are two rates of percent. The application of the correct rate depends on the amount of income earn during the tax year.

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Koślicki February Monday is the last day for entrepreneurs to change the form of taxation PIT ACCOUNTING TAX ADVISOR SMALL MIUMSIZ ENTERPRISES Until February , entrepreneurs settling personal income tax may change the form of taxation for this year the next. Some also, in the annual PIT, which they will submit by the Afghanistan Cell Phone Number List end of April, will be able to additionally modify the method of taxation of income for the previous year. However, special attention must be paid here. Not everyone can exercise this right. Krzysztof Koślicki February , PIT Transfer of percent. tax does not ruce the amount to be refund HOME PIT FINANCES Specifying in the annual tax return PIT a public benefit organization to which the head of the tax office is to transfer percent.

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Tax does not affect the amount

Of overpayment shown for refund in this tax return. Of course, the taxpayer will not be able to transfer percent. for the benefit of a select public benefit organization, when there is no tax due in its tax settlement. Krzysztof Kazmierski Krzysztof Latest Bulk SMS Koślicki February , Tax rollercoaster legislative chaos in the law is growing Recent changes in the law have not made the work of accountants tax advisors any easier. In addition, the frequency of their introduction is increasing. The main areas of interest of the tax administration authorities include, among others issues of withholding tax WHT, transfer pricing, VAT restructuring. These are the main conclusions of the Tax Rollercoaster report that has just been publish.

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