Mia events that shape the positive image of the club, sponsors advertisers, during sports activities he is to use only clothes, footwear, sports equipment made available or approv by the club, as well as lead a sports lifestyle manifest by avoiding behavior contrary to the generally accept image of an athlete, which may harm the good name of the club. In this way, the players agree to the use of their personal data primarily to record disseminate their image. Read also Athletes’ income source of income in PIT jurisprudence remuneration Each player of the club, for the proper performance of the contract, is entitl to a fix remuneration in the amount specifi for a given season.

As well as an additional remuneration

The socall Bonus bonuses paid when specific seasonal achievements are achiev. Remuneration is due for the performance of all services cover by the contract, including for sharing the image thus it is not divid into individual types of services. In addition, the players do not run a business, they are also not register VAT payers , the club as a PIT payer Albania Phone Numbers List collects pays advances for this tax from the players’ salaries. See also PIT settlements for according to the new tax scale Among the players of the club there are people who are under years of age, therefore the club ask the director of KIS whether, as a PIT payer, collecting advances for this tax on players’ salaries, he should, in the case of people who are under , apply the exemption from Art.

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Point of the ActRegarding

The question ask, pointing to the provisions of the act in question, the fact that the contracts are not conclud as part of the players’ nonagricultural business activity cannot be treat as either business management contracts or management Latest Bulk SMS contracts, the club had an affirmative answer. In the opinion of the applicant, contracts as contracts for the provision of services of a dual nature sports promotional advertising should be treat as contracts of mate , therefore the revenues of players who are under years of age are revenues under Art. point of the PIT Act. The club rul out the possibility of separating part of the remuneration receiv for sports services.

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