Grazyna Interest on tax arrears increases due to inflation interest rate  ACCOUNTING TAX ADVISOR FINANCE Due to high inflation, the Monetary Policy Council has been regularly raising interest rates for several months. The changes also apply to the socall lombard rate. Its amount affects the level of interest on tax arrears. Higher interest is also payable on tax refunds overpayments. n taxes, private lowners are treat as companies TAXES LOCAL FEES. FINANCES OF LOCAL GOVERNMENTS Property tax regulations are extremely unfavorable for lowners. If the property of, for example, farmers who have been depriv of the right to use the l, is us by industrial companies or mines.

They must pay the highest rates

Provid for running a business. Czytaj więcej napodatki, Monday is the last day for entrepreneurs to change the form of taxation Krzysztof Koślicki PIT SMALL MIUMSIZ COMPANIES ACCOUNTING TAX ADVISOR NEWS Date add Source iStock Until February , entrepreneurs settling personal income tax may change the form of taxation for this Azerbaijan Mobile Number List year the next. Some also, in the annual PIT, which they will submit by the end of April, will be able to additionally modify the method of taxation of income for the previous year. However, special attention must be paid here. Not everyone can exercise this right. Share the article add to Favorites In , natural persons conducting business activity can choose three forms of taxation.

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These are lump sum on register income

Tax scale general rules, flat tax. Lump sum on register income The lump sum on register revenues is charg without ducting tax ductible costs from the revenue The amount of the appli lump sum rates percent depends on the type of revenue Latest Bulk SMS generat. A written statement on the choice of taxation of income from nonagricultural economic activity in the form of a lump sum on the income record for a given tax year shall be submitt by the taxpayer to the head of the tax office competent for the taxpayer’s place of residence by the th day of the month following the month in which he achiev the first income on this account in the year tax year, or by the end of the tax year, if the first such income was achiev in December of the tax year.

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