Whether early or late, purposely, or just as a matter of coincidence, the Metaverse has been slowly  into our daily lives. Whether it’s  reality for the camera systems on our smartphones, or the goggles used by companies to create immersive experiences, we are  in this type of technology.

Meta was created in a premature market, but we know that the trend is here – and growing. Successful marketers know to keep an eye on market trends.

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Years ago, shopping used to be a completely different experience.

Major shopping events like Black Friday were huge deals on par with major holidays, and frequent sales events would find stores full to bursting with customers eager to take advantage of them.

Fighting the crowds and showing up early to phone leads get the best possible selection was actually part of the fun.

But now that the world has gone digital, things have changed. The wonders of the internet and mobile technology make it possible for people to browse to their hearts’ content from the comfort of their own homes.

Just a few clicks later, and whatever they want is on its way to their front door, usually within a day or two, thanks to ultra-fast shipping — all without ever having to set foot inside an actual store.

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“Buy online, pick up in-store,” or BOPUS, is a business model that seeks to offer today’s consumers the best of both worlds — the convenience of remote shopping plus the hands-on experience of in-person shopping.

It’s part of a movement toward multichannel shopping that’s become increasingly trendy lately.

Retailers interested in adopting a BOPUS model Latest Bulk SMS maintain a continuously updated display of their current inventory that interested customers can browse online at their convenience.

The customer selects the items they want and completes their purchase online. Later, they travel to the associated brick-and-mortar store, where the retailer will have the items bagged and ready to pick up.

In some cases, the store may even offer a curbside option that doesn’t even require the customer to leave their car.

BOPUS offers customers and businesses alike a chance to engage with one another both online and offline — a great way to optimize a multichannel shopping experience for both parties.

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