It’s still too early to say what changes the Metaverse (and Zuckerberg’s other brands) might bring, and how users and consumers will behave in the face of it. 

So, here are some possible challenges for marketers and managers in the coming years:

Meta promises to offer a whole new world of virtual possibilities, where people can act exactly how they want inside this new reality. But don’t forget: we still exist outside of it. 

Changes in consumer behavior always result in challenges for marketers (especially if we think that consumers will now be present in two different realities). 

A new channel means a new possibility for customer acquisition, but it also requires new metrics that, in this case, can be translated into new challenges as well. 

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Elon Musk is another person who has stated that they don’t trust AI very much. So much so that he doesn’t even rate his confidence in AI for Tesla very highly.

However, Microsoft is on track with the Metaverse, but telemarketing leads for sale in a simpler way. They are planning to launch their version of a virtual world inside Teams Meetings in 2022, according to The Verge. 

The idea appears simpler. People will be able to have meetings that are more interactive. Meetings where it will be possible to immerse oneself into 3D rooms with avatars that express themselves according to the character of the real person.

With Microsoft getting on board in this new era, we can expect some other players to join the trend very soon as well.

You Probably Update Your Blog Regularly to Help

With all these updates regarding Facebook and Meta, it’s up to us as marketers and business owners to keep ourselves up to date on the issues that could positively or negatively impact our brands, and learn from all this situation. What we can conclude is:

1. Social networks have repeatedly proven Latest Bulk SMS to be uncertain terrains for the sowing of your company’s seeds.

Yes, having an engaged audience on whichever social media your persona likes to be is a great strategy. However, you need to be careful if your brand fully (or partially) relies on Meta platforms (or even other social platforms). 

Consider starting to build an audience on your own platforms, diversifying your content and reaching more people (here at Rock Content, we have several contents to help you with that!).


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