This could be a strategy not only to deviate from the latest events but also to gain market leadership early on so they can be seen as a “pioneer” on the Metaverse. But they are not.

Is Meta an attempt to leave Facebook’s issues behind?

When Meta was, Zuckerberg didn’t make any reference to the public relations problems the company was facing.

Now, it seems that Meta (the company) has  avoiding the conversation and made some moves, such as announcing plans to remove thousands of sensitive ad-targeting options and implementing warning screens to discourage posts and comments that could be as bullying and harassment.

What we can say for sure is that only the CEO will have the real answer to this question, and we will never know when he is bluffing.

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However, even Zuckerberg can’t deny the fact that the company has been going through some intense organizational and operational issues.

The growing discussions around these topics were damaging their credibility due to the complexity of the situation.

They are craving to be the first company in the usa telephone book Metaverse. They are trying to achieve this not only by changing strategies, but by adopting a new brand while the company goes through one of the most serious crises of confidence. This is no coincidence.

What about the users and networks?

In terms of the future of technology and social networks, Meta certainly can lead an evolution. This is especially true when combining the Metaverse technology that has already been developed by other companies over the years, with the powerful influence that Zuckerberg’s platforms still have on society.

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This can have an impact on our marketing in the future, too.

The more interactions that take place in a virtual world, the more this might lead to social changes in the future.

People may start spending more time in another reality. Their daily habits, behaviors and consumptions may be, as well.

Another point is the increasing presence of Latest Bulk SMS smart devices (IOT), such as watches and other gadgets, which will connect reality with the virtual—and at the same time, collect personal data.

Is it time for you, as a marketer, to start thinking about the Metaverse?

It’s good to be aware of these changes especially when the dialogue frequently centers around these topics.

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