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Not Quite. Understand What This Universe Really Is And Its Impacts On Your Strategies

While we  for answers, the announcement of the rebrand only brought more questions:

What’s the point of this rebrand? Is Zuckerberg really the pioneer in bringing the Metaverse to the internet?

Could Meta really have a massive impact on the future of the internet?

And, most of all, how might this crisis affect us, marketers and managers who depend on Zuckerberg’s platforms to generate our own results?

The Post Remains Static but Presents

While it wasn’t clear how the rebrand would actually help users with the issues  in the Facebook Papers, Zuckerberg was  to build a positive and technological image around the new brand.

What we know so far about Meta: the new brand will be more closely  to artificial intelligence, reality, and virtual reality, leading to another level of interaction between humans and social technologies.

The rebrand  quickly: there’s a new logo and this has already been  into the apps by Meta, including WhatsApp and Instagram.

Metaverse can be seen as the next generation list of phone number of immersive internet. For Meta, this means that the change also leads to the evolution of products, since they are getting into a whole new reality.

With Metaverse, users could enter a virtual world where they would be able to create avatars, chat, meet friends, purchase virtual stuff with cryptocurrency

But before we talk about what this Metaverse is and if (or how) this impacts your brand, let’s take a step back.

What Are the Benefits of Interactive Blog Posts

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The answer is no: Facebook was not the first to merge Artificial Intelligence (AI) and  Reality/Virtual Reality (VR/AR).

If we look back at our interactions with the technologies that we have available, AI, VR and AR have been slowly  into our daily routine.

We can start by talking about gaming and then personal assistants such as Siri or Google Assistant. We also have AR on Instagram, Google Search and plenty Latest Bulk SMS of other possibilities. There are also VR Goggles that are being used in different situations.

But at least was Facebook the first company to explore the Metaverse?

Again, the answer is no. The Metaverse is something that already existed before Meta (Facebook).

In April of this year, Epic Games announced a $1 Billion Funding Round to support Epic’s long-term vision for the Metaverse.

And they are not the only company that’s been on the Metaverse for some time.

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