In addition you do not ne to install another plugins (see the point above). t monitoring Even if at the stage of creating a blog you do not think about its positioning or profit from running your place on the Internet – use free monitoring tools from Google – Google Search Console Google Analytics. Thanks to them, you will find out if anyone reads your posts at all, as well as what users who come to your website are looking for. Keywords in blog positioning You already have a specific theme a pretty good working WordPress – so it’s time to publish! It would seem that a valuable, attractively compos text will attract more readers like a magnet. In practice, however, monitoring tools display sad zeros.

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Blogger always look like. In order for someone to notice your content, you must use keywords that readers are looking for, but how to find them use them in your content? Useful tools keyword research skills The easiest free method to find words that users type in Google is to use the search engine itself. Go to start typing words that are Japan Phone Number List associat with the topic of your blog – help will come very quickly: Google positioning of the blog In this way, for example, we got the idea for a series of articles relat to feing pets. Relat phrases display in various places of the search results page (usually at the very bottom) will also be helpful. Of course, the subject can be approach more professionally.

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Positioning for analyzing keywords

There are many twill significantly facilitate the  including the most popular ones, Senuto  or Surfer or the free Ubersuggest. An interesting option is also Answer The Public. In each of them, after entering a general word, you will find a list of specific Latest Bulk SMS words (so-call longtails), which are almost ready topics for entries, as well as questions that users often search for. Blog positioning Each of the mention tools has a free or very cheap trial version. It will allow you to familiarize yourself with their functionality, as well as find your first inspirations. This of the blog from the very beginning Where to use keywords? When creating an article for your blog, try to weave keywords into its title, subheadings content.

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