As with categories, avoid creating single-entry tags. Watch out The phenomenon of duplication of content cannibalization of keywords is a great threat to the positioning of the blog , as well as the pages where blogs are present. When planning the topics of entries choosing phrases for them, make sure that a given keyword is associat with one entry. When creating a category or tag structure, avoid duplicating keywords with entries as well as other categories or tags. By leading to a situation where several subpages of your blog correspond to one keyword, you introduce unnecessary confusion in the search results. As a result, Google may lower the position of your page.

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Which result is worth displaying. Don’t be afraid to update your content So the question arises – what to do when the already written article is no longer valid it is worth writing something new on the same topic? Does blog positioning preclude such Malaysia Phone Number List action? The answer is very simple – update its content! You can really gain a lot from this. The updat text will keep the URL unchang, so it won’t be position from scratch. If the previous version was display high in search results, there is a chance that if the new content is well optimiz, the entry will not lose its earn positions. In addition, Google’s robots will be notifi that it is worth visiting existing entries many times, as you are adding new content to them.

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Link building in blog positioning

Can you get links to your blog yourself? is quite a difficult issue. It is worth being careful, because unskilful acquisition of links can lead to a decrease in position, in the worst case, even penalties from Google a complete loss of visibility. Therefore, you Latest Bulk SMS should avoid buying links from unreliable sources. However, there is a fairly safe method that allows you to get valuable links – it’s free! It is worth trying to add comments to entries on other thematically relat blogs. However, it should be remember that basically every blog is moderat, so commenting on entries just for the sake of obtaining a link does not make sense. Write valuable comments that add something interesting to the discussion under the article.

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