As part of its campaigns, the Google Ads platform offers  of. Advertising goals, such as: Sale Potential customers Website traffic Considering buying a br product Br. Awareness reach Promoting the app In turn, Facebook Ads provides services in accordance with the. Following division Awareness Br recognition Reception Actions. Movement Activity App installs Video Views Acquisition of contacts The news Conversion Conversions Catalog sales Movement in the company Each of the above-mention. Advertising purposes has its own characteristics. Their specificity is determin by the method of transmitting the advertising message, the use of available tools, mia marketing communication carriers.

Requir that certain interactions

To be able to talk about the implementation of. Advertising purposes, it is  occur between the user our advertisement, website or application. The correct completion of each of these interactions brings us closer to the achievement of the designat goal. The degree of fulfillment of the advertising goal is express through conversions. What is conversion? There Netherlands Phone Numbers List are many definitions of ” conversion in marketing ” on the web , formulat as follows: A conversion is a user action that we consider valuable. It would be appropriate to develop the above-mention definition, enriching it with the degree of achievement of advertising goals, therefore. Conversion in marketing should be defin as the user’s interaction with our advertisement, website, application. Which we define as valuable in relation to the implementation of the advertising goal chosen by us.

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Message sent by an ad site or App

Signal an event In turn, an event can be call a button click . SDisplaying a specific subpage ( thank you for shopping page) or a specific user behavior ( number of pages visit per session, session duration). The occurrence of each of these Latest Bulk SMS events is important for the achievement of the advertising objective. Some events are more important than others. This breakdown of conversions by value is call macro micro conversions. Divid into macro micro conversions Conversions are divid into macro micro – depending on the value of a given event for your business. We will call macro conversion events that have the greatest value for you, while micro indicate the user’s tendency to perform macro conversion.

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