Enthusiasts as well as many enthusiasts of niche topics. Everyone will be happy to share their knowlge, give advice answer questions. The best in their field become opinion leaders with a large number of regular readers, which over time translates into real financial profits. A well-run, substantive blog can become a source of income. However, it must be visible – not only respond to the nes of users, but also be found Do you  of blogs of companies, personal brs enthusiasts? All of them must be visible in the search engine to generate traffic gain fans. Before you share your knowlge or sell anything (your own or from a business partner), you ne to gain the reader’s attention – for this, effective positioning of the blog is necessary.

Already see the common denominator

So let’s get to the merits. Technical who thinks about starting a blog wonders at the beginning – “what will I write about?”. This is a very valid, basic question – without a topic, it’s hard to lead anything. But if you manage to make a decision create Italy Phone Numbers List sketches of the first topics, you can’t forget about the technical aspects. The positioning of a blog begins much earlier than when the first words are written Where to start a blog? SEO appraisal This is the first technical decision that a novice blogger has to face. Currently, it is most often a choice between two solutions: blog platform, Blogger or WordPress own CMS (usually WordPress) on own hosting domain.

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Aspects of blog positioning Everyone

The first option is tempting in many ways – there are free account variants on each platform, you don’t ne any technical knowlge – a few clicks you’re ready to start writing. From the point of view of blog positioning, however, this solution has many Latest Bulk SMS more minuses than pluses. First of all – the options for iting the content configuring the blog are quite limit. In terms of page loading spe, code iting, template customization much more, you rely only on what the provider offers. Do you have an unusual idea for the shape of tags or categories? Want to combine posts, create canonical addresses, rirect traffic? This will not always be possible. Secondly – ​​the blog is not really yours , but belongs to the website owner. If for various reasons he decides to close his business – you are left with nothing.

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