Another benefit of interactive blog posts is the data you can collect from users who participate in your content.

Certain types of interactive content like calculators or quizzes can have forms to collect information built-in, and oftentimes the appeal of the How to Use interactive elements is enough to convince readers to fill in their information.

Some of the platforms  to create interactive content — Ion, for example — can also have behind-the-scenes collection tools in place to capture audience data and information that can help you improve your interactive content or help you learn more about participants.

Either way, investing in a tool can be a big benefit to help you create interactive content faster.

One Area That Often Gets Overlooked is Blog Posts

Adding interactive elements to your blog posts can come in a few different formats.

Remember, interactive blog posts aren’t a separate form of content, but a traditional static blog with different elements  in to improve the experience.

Here are five different ways to make your blog purchase phone lists posts more interactive and help your marketing efforts increase engagement rates.

An interactive quiz is a type How to Use of interactive format that takes a user through different questions and delivers a result.

The result is  from the answers that users submit, meaning that there can be  results for each user, rather than only a few static options.

Quizzes are a great way to build fun into your blogs as well as help your readers reach different conclusions.

Blogs Are Typically Static Content

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They can also help your users think about their problems and their solutions through a different lens.

For example, you can create a quiz that helps users figure out which of their marketing activities should be  first.

Creating an interactive quiz with tools like Ion or other platforms can help you quickly get your quiz  so you can add it to your blog posts.

After you’ve  the questions you want to Latest Bulk SMS ask, you can plan different answers  on the inputs into your quiz.

Relating your quiz to your blog topic or the CTA can help improve conversion rates as well.

Interactive videos are another type of interactive element you can add to your blog posts.

These are videos that require user input in order to achieve different outcomes. For example, clicking a pop-up in the video can take you to a specific point in the video, a different relevant video, or help users control the video viewing experience.

Interactive videos keep viewers watching videos for longer, and can help increase engagement with your content.

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