Increase Time on Page

Your users spend more time on a page when there are interactive elements. 

The embedded content gives them a reason to stay as they can click, play, learn, and engage with the interactive elements rather than skimming an article and leaving the page. 

While time on the page itself isn’t a metric that means much to your bottom line, it does relate to your engagement and conversion rates. 

Readers that spend a longer time on a page are more likely to convert to the next stage of your marketing funnel.

The strongest brands have an easily-recognizable message and style that helps them stay ahead of the competition and lets them stand out. 

Improve Click-through Rates

Improving your click-through rates, or CTR, is often a major marketing goal in companies of all sizes. 

CTR refers to the percentage of your readers that click on a link like your CTA or hyperlinks. This is also a conversion metric that helps you track the journey of your customers. 

Interactive CTAs or other interactive elements help readers find value in the content on the page, leading them to be more likely to click on links.

As well as directly helping your users improve their experiences when engaging with interactive content, it can also help you indirectly improve their experience by gathering key data for sales, helping move people through the sales funnel, or identifying pain points and needs of your customers. 

The end goal of marketing is to help get users into your brand’s sales funnels, and any steps that can be made to improve the experience will help you get your users to the next part of their journey.

Finding Areas in Your Content Marketing

One of the biggest benefits of interactive blog posts and interactive content, in general, is that they help improve the experience customers have on a page. 

Just reading through a wall of text isn’t that interesting, even if it is important. 

Interactive elements put your customer Latest Bulk SMS in the driver’s seat and let them feel in control of their own buyer’s journey. 

It helps them feel more attached to the content and increases the enjoyment they get out of their research and discovery periods. 

It also helps your readers appreciate the experience and allows your brand to stand out from the competition.


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