Blogs are typically static content that helps provide readers with answers to questions and details about your services or industry. 

However, creating interactive blog posts can help your company grow your audience and create more connections with readers.

In this post, we will cover the following  topics:

What are Interactive Blog Posts?

What are the Benefits of Interactive Blog Posts?

5 Effective Ways to Make Your Blog Posts More Interactive

What are Interactive Blog Posts?

Interactive blog posts are different from other forms of interactive content. 

An interactive video, for example, is a full strategy on its own. But interactive blog posts are, at their core, static content pieces that have interactive elements added in. 

It Gets the Job Done

This helps to make the static content more engaging while still keeping the format of a blog post. 

Adding in these interactive elements to traditional blog posts helps to improve the overall reader experience with the piece while still maintaining the integrity of a blog post. 

The post remains static but presents itself as a more reviews engaging content type that creates a positive reader experience. 

In that sense, a GIF or image is not a good option to increase engagement and use in place of an interactive element. 

A reader doesn’t interact with a GIF, even if it is in movement and more interesting than a static image.

Interactive elements require more active participation from users. 

Interactive Content is the New

A calculator that helps calculate ROI in a blog about the importance of tracking ROI is a better option (we actually did this in this post).

What are the Benefits of Interactive Blog Posts?

So why are interactive blog posts Latest Bulk SMS important? Do they really bring about worthwhile benefits to your content marketing strategy? 

There are many ways that interactive content can help you reach your marketing goals, and interactive blogs play a large role in that success. 

Blog posts in general are your most common and consistent source of content, and you probably update your blog regularly to help your SEO and gain more traffic. 

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