It’s another way to optimize and improve the user experience and help your blog content stand out from regular static posts. 

In addition to helping with your data metrics, interactive videos can also increase your brand popularity and help you create a stronger brand voice that resonates with viewers. 

Then, you are able to bring traffic back to your blog time and time again.

Another great type of interactive content to add to your blogs is a calculator. 

Interactive calculators make calculations based on data input and previously integrated data formulas. This creates a fully customized experience for your readers, even more so than a quiz. 

However Creating Interactive Blog


While interactive quizzes will have common answers based on the results you program in, an interactive calculator is completely unique based on the input of individual users. 

For example, an interactive calculator can have phone lists for sale programmed formulas that help determine ROI based on the initial campaign budget and the resulting sales. 

Each customer will have a different ROI rate based on the data they put in. 

With these personalized experiences built into your interactive blogs, readers will value the content you provide and will come back to use the same calculator again if it shows useful results to them. 


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They are great for end-of-funnel blogs, since a calculator can help close a deal or help users determine discounts, quantities, finances, and measurements.

Graphics are a great way to communicate a lot of information in a visually engaging way. 

When you make them interactive graphics, you Latest Bulk SMS further improve the user experience and help get your information through to viewers. 

Interactive graphics help your users explore images and find the parts that are relevant to their needs without needing to experience the entire graphic. 

Rather than a static frame, users have control over their viewing experience. Personalized experiences are preferable for your audiences, and help them enjoy your content more. 

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