What could be causing this Like any marketing platform,  more from us as advertisers than just compelling content eye-catching visuals.  are an important part of the ad creation process, they are not the only ones that can determine the effectiveness of the campaign. By avoiding some of the common mistakes in Facebook paid campaigns, you can maximize your chances of getting the results you want. In the article below, we will discuss 10 mistakes, the exclusion of which will significantly affect the quality of your activities, advertising will finally start earning money for your business! Errors that make your ad not working Using Facebook tools dicat to this platform, you can get the false impression that advertising activities with their participation will not cause us major problems, the process itself will be easy.

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After all Facebook takes us step by step, step by step,  each of us, even having no previous contact with the system, can successfully create an ad. Certainly, there will be a certain number of views, clicks or comments, but did it translate into real sales Germany Phone Number List in your business? Here’s what could have been the reason! You promote posts from your business profile In the daily work of our marketing agency, we still encounter the practice of advertising with the “Promote post” button. Inde, this is one of the available opportunities to inform the community about your company profile or the subject of your business, which may give the impression of achieving results.

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However you are blowing your budget by operating on this advertising option. Why This way of advertising deprives you of the ability to set many important parameters of the campaign, such as the selection of the advertising goal or directing Latest Bulk SMS the message to specific, complex target groups , which often determine the success of your activities. For this reason, consider moving your advertising activities to a dicat tool, which is the Advertisement Manager (available after creating a Business Manager ). Working bas on this panel, you not only gain greater opportunities to advertise on the platform in question, but also views for subsequent, in-depth analysis account management.

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