Remember that the better you match your targeting. The greater the chance that the customer will perform. The actions we care about. Try to include a call to action in the content of your ad. An additional factor is the ling page itself, whose. Should clearly encourage the achievement of the goal. In addition, depending on the type of campaign, it is worth controlling the following statistics: Keyword Quality Score The quality score is a very important indicator, which will certainly become material for a separate article. In this article, I will only outline the importance of its analysis.

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Quality Score is a rating on a scale of available at the keyword level,¬† ads, keywords, ling pages match the user’s interests. With a high Quality Score. You can count on higher ad positions lower cost per click. To increase it, first of all, take care of the components that make up this result – make sure that your ad ling page are relevant to the user’s search. Do your best France Phone Number List to ensure the quality of the keywords you use, if a keyword is. Performing poorly within an ad group – Pause it. Top-of-page top-of-page. Impression rates (formerly Average position) Impression rates at the top of the page determines the frequency of ad impressions that appear anywhere above the organic search results.

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The other the factors in the top position on the page¬† that appear first above the. Organic search results. Prior to September 30, 2019, the Average Position statistic reflect the ad’s position in relation to other ads in the auction, representing the result Latest Bulk SMS as a decimal number, such as Unlike the new statistics, Average Position was also. Calculat when no ads were display above the organic search results, so, for. Example, the ad receiv “1” when it appear as the first one at the bottom of the page, as you know, the bottom of the page is not a good place to advertise. Impression rates always refer to impressions at the top of the search page.

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