Of keywords will not be too much of a challenge? It is this topic to professionals. Even minor shortcomings in the analysis will result in the accumulation of. Errors in the entire positioning process. If you want to plan a strategy that will transfer sales – we know how to do it we will be happy to help you ! Contact us ask about effective website positioning Bartholomew Tomczyk SEO Specialist See similar articles How to promote your business on the local market using Google tools September rticles , Google Ads Tips Check Local positioning Local positioning – a chance for a small company to appear on the Internet September Articles , SEO tips Check.

Appropriate matching of intentions grouping

How to analyze campaign results KPIs – how to analyze campaign results You set up campaigns, add ad groups, select targeting creat ads – pretty good! You’ve pair Google Ads with Google Analytics, set up conversion tracking defin audiences – great! You’ve finally Dubai Phone Number List made it, you’ve creat your first Google Ads campaign! You are excit to see the first effects. Out of nowhere you think: “How do I judge whether my campaign is effective?”, “What should I do now? How will I know what nes to be improv?” In this article, you’ll learn how to assess, what metrics to look for, what each result can mean. What are we analyzing? The subject of our analysis is the Google Ads account.

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Whether your campaign is effective

Before you start any analysis, make sure you underst your own account structure make sure it is well design. If at this stage you feel that your account “doesn’t look too good” – rebuild it. Proper organization of your account will allow you to more Latest Bulk SMS effectively monitor the effectiveness of advertising activities make it easier to undertake optimization activities. It is good practice to analyze performance “from top to bottom”. At the top of the structure is the Account , then individual Campaigns (optionally, before campaigns, you can analyze the view divid into Campaign Types ), there are Ad Groups in campaigns, Ads in ad groups , depending on the type of campaign targeting, Keywords  Recipients Data demographic others.


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