You should know that interests do not have a given criterion, we can reach both its supporters opponents. In addition, you reach the audience of any interest with one comment (also negative) or even liking an existing one. However, this does not mean that you should not use this area of ‚Äč‚Äčtargeting criteria. They often determine the effectiveness accuracy of advertising. However, moderation is important. It is consider a bad practice to include too many interests within one column, without exclusions. Why? This forces the system to consider each interest as a separate condition, which increases the risk of errors in the mechanism.

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Excessive use of targeting criteria within one set also limits the possibility of subsequent control of the work analysis of the advertisement. By placing five or more conditions, we are unable to assess which of the interests contribut to the effectiveness Hong Kong Phone Numbers List of the campaign. Therefore, it is recommend to use no more than – interests per ad set. An alternative to targeting bas on interests may be non-stard recipient groups, directing the message to people who, for example, have been to our website or are in our mailing database or entities similar to the above-mention.

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The use of this solution gives us a better chance of reaching potential customers than it would be in the case of the interest criterion. You don’t use Facebook gives us tips on how to make our message more effective every step of the way. As part of Latest Bulk SMS the Ads Manager, exclusions Staying on the subject of targeting, it is also worth mentioning about exclusions, a very often overlook parameter when creating a campaign. Meanwhile, it is a solution that is justifi in many cases – it allows for extremely precise targeting ruction of expenses for groups that have no sales potential.Exclusions will work mainly in the case when we want to avoid “overlapping” groups of recipients or even better specify our targeting.

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