Use videos to engage your audience Videos are very engaging attractthan text or even images You can use the full screen video as a background or add it to your call to action. When deciding on video, you have a huge room for maneuver. You can use animation, music, sound, narration, colors, many other persuasion tools. It is worth mentioning that this action does not have to cost a fortune! You can create a professional short video yourself using tools like Canva. Use high-quality images to grab the attention of users Images are another powerful tool you can use to ruce your bounce rate The reason why many sites use high-quality photos is that they have proven to be very effective.

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You can buy  photos from various photography websites. There are several websites that offer royalty free images as well. You can use high-quality images as fullscreen backgrounds, parallax backgrounds, slide backgrounds, or as inline images Afghanistan Cell Phone Number List alongside CTAs. Make your website readable consistent Readability is a key element for a better user experience on websites. Most of the content on most websites is in text format. It is unfortunate that the user experience of a website, which is such an important aspect, is often the most neglect. Because it is one of  affect the visual attractiveness of the website.

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You ne to make sure that the text on your t shouldn’t be too small or users will have to squint or zoom in to read it. Use smaller font sizes on smaller screens. Typography or readability is not just limit to the choice of font size color. You also ne to make sure that the text on your page looks visually good. Line spacing margins should be sufficient to make Latest Bulk SMS the text look clear. Another important point to consider is the language style you choose for your site. Use easy-to-underst language in a normal conversational tone. Show your cribility Consumers are becoming more conscious about their purchases, which means they think carefully about the offer before making a decision.

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