Until you’ve investigat are sure your site is running at the right spe, don’t plan any. The page loading spe, which is within 3 seconds in terms of shopping campaigns, is an absolute must. Do not underestimate it, because – as we have already mention – Black Friday may end in a fiasco for you when a potential customer, tir of waiting for the website to load, by Akamai has proven that 40% of users leave an online store if the page load time exces the above-mention number of seconds. What to do to check the spe of your website? We recommend a dicat Google tool – PageSpe ​​Insights All you have to do is put the in the designat place wait for the result.

Leaves your website Research conduct

Did your site not perform well in the research? Think about optimizing your site in this regard. For this, it is best to contact a specialist. Create a dicat ling page 2 minutes 27 seconds – that’s the average time spent browsing pages. How will you use this Albania Phone Numbers List information how will you attract users to your website? The decision which of the products you will display on the website is of course up to you. However, remember not to include too many proposals in a ling page prepar for Black Friday According to research prepar by the Decision Architect , the multitude of variants may contribute.

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The phenomenon of decision paralysis

Which may consequently lead to resignation from the purchase So bet on the products that have enjoy the greatest interest among buyers so far or on those that will be subject to the largest discount. Never creat a ling page before? No worries! There are Latest Bulk SMS numerous tools you can use to create a professional ling page. For our part, we can recommend Unbounce Instapage You can also prepare it using WordPress When creating, pay attention to the use of the terms “Bestseller” or “Last items”, as well as a counter that counts down the remaining time until the end of the shopping campaign – these elements may contribute to pushing the buyer towards finalizing the purchase.

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