To sum up we already know what a meta description is why it is worth paying special attention to it during its construction. So it’s time for tips that will make the creation process much easier! Do not underestimate the following good practices, your meta descriptions will provide you with website traffic! First: Give each page a unique meta description that clearly reflects the value the page has. Second: Create descriptions within 150-160 characters (including spaces). Third: Include your most important keywords, but don’t overuse them. Write for people. Fourth: Optionally, use an eye-catching CTA, a unique proposal, or additional guidance on what to expect – “Learn”, “Buy”, etc. Positioning in your or expert.

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Marketing is not for you? You don’t have enough free time to plan prepare an effective SEO strategy? Positioning activities require skillful strategy, knowlge of SEO issues experience. If you would like to entrust activities for your br in the field of Switzerland Phone Numbers List positioning, Google Ads or Facebook Ads to specialists, please contact our agency. MTWeb Internet Marketing Agency has been operating for over 13 years! We know what to do to make your business gain wind in its sails!High bounce rate on the website – how to deal with it? High bounce rate on the website – how to deal with it? Many believe that the bounce rate , which tells Google a lot about the quality of your website.

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Keep your bounce rate low it will be at for Google to¬† on you. If you take no action your bounce rate is high, your site may rank lower in the search results However, a high bounce rate can indicate much bigger problems than the ranking itself. In Latest Bulk SMS the article below, we’ll share with you some tips strategies to help keep visitors on your site! What is Bounce Rate? Before we delve into ways to ruce your bounce rate , it’s important to underst how it is calculat According to Google, a bounce in Google Analytics is record when a session is trigger on your site, such as when a user visits one page then leaves immiately without triggering additional requests in that session. Bounce rate is simply one-page sessions divid by all sessions A higher bounce rate means you were unable to convince the user to stay act on your call to action.

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