The possibilities of reaching people who are interest in or services at a given moment are huge. In addition, remember that the share of the Google search engine in Pol is about 95%, YouTube is watch by about 90% of Internet users reaches an average of 25 million people in Pol. How much does advertising on Google cost? The Google Ads platform itself is a free tool. You can set up an account for free, get acquaint with the panel documentation, configure advertising campaigns. So where are the expenses? To be able to display ads, you ne to fund your ad account with funds that will cover the costs generat by the billing model you choose. But before we get to the billing models, let’s talk about the payment methods available in your Google Ads account . The form of payment is how you bill Google.

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Payment methods in Google Ads Different Google Ads payment methods are available depending on your country currency . For Polish zloty (PLN) the following payment methods are available: Crit or debit card – automatic payments; Funds Transfer – Manual payments, not available for new ad accounts. In turn, for the UK Pound Sterling (GBP), theĀ  following UK Mobile Number List payment methods are available: Crit or debit card; PayPal; Direct Debit; Money transfer. If you are interest in a different set of country currency, please use the Payment Method Terms of Service Finder. Set up automatic payments in Google Ads For accounts set up after the third quarter of 2019, the only available form of payment in Google Ads are Automatic Payments you connect a crit or debit card to your Google Ads account.

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The funds will be charg 30 days after the last automatic charge or when the costs on the account reach the agre the amount in advance (the so-call threshold) – whichever comes first. You can also make overpayments. To set up payments, go to your Latest Bulk SMS Google Ads panel go to Payments > Summary > Create a payments profile Google Ads payments Then fill in the invoice data (When filling in the First name Surname field, if you do not want to provide it, you can enter a dot Finally, complete the Card data. After accepting the terms, click Submit . Google Ads payments Google Ads invoice At the end of the payment topic, we will devote a few sentences to the invoice for Google Ads.

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