Often on the contrary – only the first or first three places can sell, because the user does not see the point of clicking further. So the way to success will be to overtake everyone, this can take a long time. On the other h, if there are dozens of competitors the first page is occupi by the aforemention giants, it’s time to start looking for a niche very specific keywords. The second important aspect in the overall assessment is the age of the top domains. Regarding the impact of the age of the domain on its visibility, opinions are very different, but if you see well-optimiz pages whoseyears old – get ready for long-term, intensive SEO activities.

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If your competitor has been working on high positions for specific keywords for years, as recommend, it will take many months to overtake him. It is possible, but it requires patience. Competitor keywords Widely available analytical tools, i.e. Senuto USA Phone Number List allow for a really in-depth analysis of the visibility of each website. As a result, we get a list of keywords for which a competitor can be found on Google, along with the position monthly search volumes. These are, of course, estimations, but they can certainly be trust, given the aforemention remark about the method of analysis. Competitors’ websites are therefore a mine of knowlge about how potential customers can look for your services.

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On this basis you can also create a really valuable content plan. If you are interest in the issue of keyword analysis in SEO – check the article: Keyword analysis in SEO – why is it necessary? Backlink analysis Another, slightly overlook element of in-depth Latest Bulk SMS competitor analysis is review of the profile of links leading to their websites. First of all, you will find out how many links from how many domains point to their sites. General tools metrics such as Ahrefs , Moz or Majestic will also help you compare the quality of linking profiles. Remember, however, that the fact that one of the domains has a higher Trust Flow or Domain Rating does not mean that it will be higher in the search results. They are comparative in nature can only be a guide in which direction to follow.

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