Take care of the quality matching of ads because it will allow you to ruce the cost of ad clicks; Ad preview in Google Ads Ad preview view in the Google Ads panel Ad status – check that the ad is working properly – it has the appropriate status (not disapprov or with issues that violate Google’s policies, does not contain typos). You can check this in the ad status column. There are ad statuses “adequate” means that there are no problems with the ad it is display correctly, “disapprov” indicates problems with the ads. There can be many reasons for rejection (malware, due to trademarks, broken ling page), limit” indicates limitations, ; due to the promotion of products that contain alcohol, mical products, sensitive topics, etc.

Number of creatives per ad group Always

Testing use a minimum of two ad creatives per ad group. If you have several ads in the group, decide whether you want to optimize them yourself or use ad rotation. Old ad versions – check your account for old ad types that are no longer itable. Ad Portugal Phone Number List extensions – There are many types of ad extensions. Their purpose is to make the main advertisement more attractive provide more information. It is worth adding them all if possible reasonable. Don’t force anything though. Types of extensions in Google Ads Types of ad extensions in Google Ads Do you know that Ad extensions are an opportunity to st out from the competition, increase the visibility of your ads provide more information to your audience.

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Use extensions to get more space

For the same budget. Most audit accounts do not use their full potential or are poorly match to a given industrybusiness. Step – Research the ad network. Check to see if your strategy uses an ad network, if so, take a moment to make sure you’re doing Latest Bulk SMS it right. At this stage, check Whether applications are exclud. Mobile applications are an example of “burning” the advertising budget. Most inputs (clicks) are accidental or made by children using their parents’ devices. To check where your ads are display, go to the Placements tab – where your ads are display; Is ad capping set (limiting the number of views per user) – if your ad is display too often, the recipient may be disgust by it.

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