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The status of a correctly set conversion should be “recording conversions” or “no recent conversions” If the conversion status says that the tag is inactive, be sure to check the configuration because it is incorrect the system does not count conversions; Number of conversions – the column informs about the method of counting conversions in relation to each action on the website. You can choose between values ​​”one” or “each”. The first option counts only one conversion per page interaction. Similarly, option causes the interaction to be count two or more times.

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For example the user enter the several times or click on the e-mail. Choosing the number of conversions is important because the Google Ads system learns from the collect data. For the system, such a large number of interactions will be valuable it will optimize Romania Phone Number List the campaign for it. In fact, this will not be a good way, because the data will be distort. Using the each” is correct in the situation of sales in an online store; Conversions in the Google Ads System Source Google Ads panel Conversion value – we assign it not only to sales in the online store. Check that all your conversions are assign a value.

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If you are the  the actual value of a given conversion, set the amount that you think will be adequate for the given goal, because it will be easier to calculate the return on advertising expenditure; Attribution model. The default model for new conversions Latest Bulk SMS is last click. This model does not allow you to analyze the entire user path to conversion. Consider switching to a linear model, for example, which evenly attributes conversion crit to all ad interactions in the funnel; Attribution models in Google Ads Source Google Ads panel Do you know that Infor which we have audit.

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