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No errors there are warnings such pages are block from indexing by the prescrib code in robots.txt but they eventually got into the index. Page without errors includes pages that have been index. In this case they can be specifi not specifi in the sitemap.xml map. The latter ne to be review clos from the index. They only clog the search but do not play a role in bringing visitors. Exclud – all pages check by the search engine but not submitt for indexing. Most of them are duplicates. In general it is not difficult to underst the tool. SMM – advertising an You can use social mia to connect with your potential buyers.

Online store in social networks

Once you have launch the store website be sure to create an official Instagram Facebook account. It is important to stay active regularly. This will not require much time money but will give you an additional channel of communication with the audience. When UAE Phone Number List promoting an online store in social networks the following are publish Information about goods. Try to better acquaint the target audience with the products you sell. Be sure to post more unique photos you can shoot videos with reviews. Useful news for the audience. For example about exping the range integrating new payment systems etc.

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Information about promotions discounts

For production Entertaining posts polls humor storytelling etc. If a potential buyer is interest in your online store he will definitely try to find you on social networks. Make it easier for him to find by posting links on the site. now about advertising tools. In social networks target campaigns are available to you as well as direct postings on the pages of influencers in Latest Bulk SMS communities. Target advertising is very similar to a display campaign. Various ad formats are also available here text text-graphic video animation etc. Impressions are configur according to the specifi criteria of the target audience. But they occur only within the select social network in the user’s fe ad units or stories.

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