Through them you already get traffic advertising will simply compete with an organic ad wasting your budget. The cost per click per user in search ads. Aepends on the following factors competitors’ bids – the higher the bid offer by competitors the more expensive the click; the relevance of the page where the ad leads to the search query. Regionality – each city has a different level of competition. If you want to advertise products across the country you should create separate campaigns for the regions. This will help to allocate the budget more rationally; the cost of goods – the higher the check of the product the higher the rate competitors are willing to pay for its advertising. Search advertising has a number of advantages.

Among them worth highlighting the following

Allows you to directly attract buyers since search traffic has a high degree of involvement; requires a minimum of time to prepare ads. In addition it has a high CTR. When compar to other types of contextual advertising. Disadvantages of search Tunisia Phone Number List advertising only text ad format is available; constant monitoring adjustment is requir as the rates of competitors are constantly changing; in highly. Competitive niches often low profitability. This tool is the most popular among all types of contextual advertising. Google Shopping This tool has been us more more in recent years. Store advertising using the service.

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Google Shoppingprovides for the display

Of specific shopping ads directly in the search results. Immiately below the line on the Purchases page on the Youtube platform even in mobile applications. Here’s what the stard shopping ad block looks like Google Shopping As for the benefits of Google Latest Bulk SMS Shopping they are as follows Search query relevance Store ads are shown to users who were interest in such a product. For this reason it is perceiv loyally does not irritate. Write-off of the amount for the transition CPC allows you to spend your budget only on users who click on your ad. If you correctly configure all the parameters the probability of an empty drain of money is minimal.

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