It should be not that these values ​​have remain for many years, which, combin with inflation, has actually successively ruc their significance for taxpayers. In my opinion, the amendment will be positively receiv by people for whom the events cover by the inheritance gift tax are incidental situations. However, I believe that the changes are not unambiguously positive, for some they may even be harmful comment Marcin Bodziony, tax advisor at PKF TaxLegal Chamera Orczykowski Spółka komytowa. Read in LEX Liżewski Sławomir, Proceings regarding undisclos income step by step.

The limit to buy from many people

Unfavorable Although the free amount for purchases from one person is increasing the expert point out at the same time there is a hitherto unknown limit of the free amount for purchases from many people It will affect, for example, all recipients of many Denmark Cell Phone Number List smaller donations, which, when add together, will generate an amount exceing the limit for purchases from many people. This applies, for example, to those who raise funds as part of various types of collections. The Ministry of Finance announc that the regulations would be clarifi so that the amendment would be neutral for charitable collections.

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The question is however what will

Be the final shape of the changes what about those who benefit from the generosity of other people, but their collections will not be consider charitable collections? The unfortunate nature of the amendment may be destructive to the idea of ​​crowdfunding Latest Bulk SMS emphasiz Marcin Bodziony. See the procures in LEX Scope of taxation with inheritance gift tax Tax base for inheritance donation tax donation Taxfree donations to lov ones So far, collections are usually taxfree Another expert assess the amendment in a similar way. I consider the increase in free amounts to be positive. transferring cash as a donation directly to the account of the seller.

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