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To his wife’s account for current expenses. Should it be report to the office as a donation? Reader approach the itorial office of with this question. Krzysztof Kazmierski November , Donations The tax office is relentless, the jurisprudence is divergent, the Ministry of Finance sees no problem HOME FINANCE TAX ADVISOR INHERITANCE GIFT TAX The regulations concerning donations among the immiate family still have not been unequivocally interpret. The tax office recognizes that the money cannot be transferr in cash. However, the jurisprudence of some administrative courts is less restrictive. Chaos makes life difficult for taxpayers.

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Not plan to change the regulations despite appeals involvement of the Commissioner for Human Rights. Wieslawa Moczydlowska October , Exemptions from inheritance gift tax new limits HOME FINANCES INHERITANCE GIFT TAX When Dubai Phone Number List receiving a donation, we must not lose sight of the fact that this benefit may be taxable. This applies to inheritance gift tax. Of course, like any tax act, this one also provides for tax exemptions tax preferences. New limits apply from October Krzysztof October , SN A ruling on the forfeiture of property allows the president of the court to request that the donation be declar invalid CIVIL LAW JUDICIARY The State Treasury, specifically the president of.

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The court that order the forfeiture

Of the financial gain obtain by the accus, may apply the actio pauliana in order to protect the receivables resulting from the criminal court’s ruling of the forfeiture of the financial benefit deriv from the crime rul the Civil Chamber of the Supreme Latest Bulk SMS Court. Czytaj więcej , NSA Overdue ZUS contributions paid by the payer are not income of the former employee Wieslawa Moczydlowska PIT SOCIAL INSURANCE TAX ADVISOR JUDGMENTS Date add Source iStock The payment by the employer the payer of arrears of social security contributions in the part concerning the employee, due from the insur person, does not constitute tax revenue of the former employee or contractor.

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