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We Spaniards change energy Product Expertise suppliers every 649 days (one year and ten months). This is the period of time between one hire and the next. 2.- Television is the main point of contact. The consumer during the Priming Phase (when we have not yet entered the Active Purchasing Phase). Other elements that influence it during this phase and help. The consumer generate brand preference are online searches , the information shown on the supplier’s website. Good customer service and recommendations from family and friends. Other important touch points for the consumer at this point in their purchasing cycle are online advertising, sponsorships and Internet comparators.


Receiving offers Product Expertise from another provider

The three brands best positioned in category email list the minds of consumers. When they decide to change suppliers are Iberdrola, Endesa and Naturgy . However, only one in four consumers enters the Active Purchase Phase with a strong predisposition towards a brand. 4.- The main need or desire that moves us to change electricity and/or gas suppliers is the price (wanting to pay less on the bill). Searching for better rates/schedules or receiving offers from another.  Provider are other fundamental reasons. That move Spaniards to change , as well as the current provider raising prices. Having a negative experience with the current provider. 5.- We Spaniards have up to 2.4 brands in mind when changing suppliers and, from the moment we decide that we want to change companies until we do it, a little more than 15 days pass.

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When we have already decided choosing one

That we are going to change companies. What Latest Bulk SMS impacts us the most when choosing one. Another provider is the customer service , followed by the provider’s website , Internet searches and recommendations of family and friends. 7.- To decide on one or another company, the main actions we take are to visit the suppliers’ website, search for information online and compare terms and conditions, as well as prices. 8.- The Spaniards are happy with Naturgy, Holaluz and Endesa, as they are the energy companies that have the most satisfied customers, since more than 50% have confessed that they would contract with them again.

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